Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yahoo! is not so Yahoo!

Once, Yahoo was the only search engine I knew before I could even pronounce “search engine”. Back in year 1990’ when I first attempt to log into internet, Yahoo! was the answer to all my questions. I was the very first to online among my friends and even my hometown community, I got to expose to the IT world far earlier than the others simply thanks to my uncle’s profession as an IT specialist.

For me, internet was the place to look for my favorite celebrities during that time. When my uncle tried to print his stock market reports from the internet, I printed a lot of celebrities’ photo to show off in front of friends. Yahoo was the only site I knew and used for celebrities searching. Kakaka! Yahoo sounds great to me, when I was still a little kid, I perceived the meaning of Yahoo! as Huray! Or Yahuu!!

At the age of 15-16, I was told that there was a better search engine than Yahoo!, which is the biggest player now – Google! Since the busy-body characteristic is born in my blood, I tried Google, then Gmail and almost every g-products before others. Until today, I’m still a loyal google fans, I’ve always been a white mouse of google, I started fall in love with Google’s products since long ago, moreover, there are all free! I think the latest google chrome somehow hypnotizing me to stop using other search engines!

Today, Yahoo! is seriously no longer so Yahoo! The co-founder and CEO gonna step down soon, rumor claiming the company gonna cut of 1,500 jobs next month and their “badwill” is taking over their goodwill! made an article of Yahoo!'s Five Biggest Mistakes.


Ning said...

'Since the busy-body characteristic is born in my blood' quoted frm churekie... mayb u can hv a KPC club and count me in! KPC boleh huh? wheeehaha =D

churekie said...

Hummm... not bad huh! I think this club will become more popular than facebook or friendster in malaysia!

I dun have the time to do it, u become the president la~ sure i'll get my frends all together to support you! lol ^.^