Saturday, December 27, 2008

TwoMAds, My Car, My Birthday, Place to Eat and Take Care

What a lame title huh?
but best summary ever! lol will evolve into something more advance in the near future! Yeah, I’m wishing that can really make an evolution for pixel advertising. For the past two months, I am really glad to have you all to support me. Alex and me are very hardworking on working out the “evolution” d! Hopefully you’ll keep on support us and dun leave us floating nowhere on the Atlantic Ocean!

If you know me well, I think you should know I’m a 4-wheeled machine addict! Yes, I LOVE car. My dream car list could cost me up to tens of millions ringgit I guest! Let’s try with and few ya, Murcielago LP640 Roadster is my all-time-favorite, Ferrari F430, Maserati GranTurismo, McLaren F1, Bugatti Veyron, SkyLine R35 and so on, so on, so on and so on… Sounds unrealistic huh? But tat’s my dream, dream comes in no cost, you could dream of becoming the main actor for next Harry Potter, it’s just a dream ^^

Heard of law of attraction? I tried to apply the thoughts materializing theory by drove off my “current” and met my “future”! Yeah, I drove my cool-truck into my favorite’s showroom! And poor me, the matchmaker (salesman) was either didn’t see me or just ignored me! But who cares?! I just had few minutes of good time to take picture with my “future” lol!

Ps: if you are the owner of this car, sorry, I didn’t intend to steal it! And you know very well no one dare to steal your car! Just materializing! If you don’t mind, gimme a ride! I wanna materialize more! And in return, I’ll “return” your ride with my Veyron (in the future? Or now I have a hotwheel)! Lol!

Besides, there’s a good place to recommend to all my buddies for meals. SUBANG is a well known place of sucks food, don’t you agree? YEAHHHHH!!! If you disagree, please lemme noe if there’s a better food than KFC AND McD! Finally, there’s restaurant serving 5 stars food and 1 star price. Which is… Thai Tong… Ooppsss! Ofcuz not, nah~~ never will! Please visit 3K sport complex! There’s a new restaurant which serves really good food! SHAUN! You must try this out! YOU GONNA LIKE IT! I’m promoting it because I know the owner =.= lol, but this is the world wat?! TwoMAds booth in KLCC had over 15 helpers because they knew us! Thanks to all our friends! Lol! Seriously the quality of food is… unexplainable!

I’m sorry, didn’t take the picture of the restaurant! Lol

Their tom yam is good good good;

Mutton rice is good good good;

Rojak is good good good;

The good good good list goes on

And owner is good good good also!

(Jimmy and Soo, if you were to see this, please give me more discount when I visit your restaurant ok!? lol)

Bout my birthday! Seriously thanks to my bro, Alex. Nice food, nice placesss, nice entertainment, and nice plan! Lol It was enjoyable and everyone seemed “fulfilled”. Check my facebook photo for our madness! Lol! Thanks Sook Huay for the camera and uploading the photos! You guys ROCK!

There are two movies you shouldn’t miss in year 2008 – YES MAN and IP MAN~ Both man are great man! ^^

I'm not a good writer, dun wanna spoit the story as well, just ask around and see if both are worthly to spend your day in cinema!

In the end, please take good care of yourself! EVERYONE PLEASE! There’re getting more and more sick people nowadays, and I’m becoming one, so please, take WATER!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My new phone!


DEng deng deng deng~~ My new phone is

Not a vertu! Lol~
After so many months of kidnapping my gf’s handphone – Panasonic and then Sony Ericson, I’ve finally feel shame of being a “soft rice boy” kakaka! Thank you my dear for borrowing me the phones for so loooooooong!

I’ve wanted this babe since its first announce, somewhere in July, but gosh… I was stunned when I saw Shaun’s post – “update” on Friday August 1. He actually got this phone! ……………

But I was really happy and whenever I met shaun, will sure kidnap and harass the phone a bit. Although Shaun was the official owner of the phone, but I could felt the phone desperately wanted my love!

After almost 3 months, the wish was granted on her sister~ lol yeah! I finally have my own phone after N70!

Felt excited and sent few stupid msg to my frens, and most of them replied :p
only my bro - Christ didn't reply, no heart puny celaka, then anthony replied something no related =.=

And blogged in the toilet with pooping~ Kakakaaaa

wt fake smile >.<

Bout the phone, haiz.... dissapointed with the camera.. but knew it d, cuz read in GSMarena. But really terrible.

Was thinking whether to buy N79 or this one, in the end, i'm loyal to e71, wat a good boy~

blogging while booming tokyo

hv u done this before? Lol I'm doing it while 'dropping bombs'! Just got my new handphone and felt exited and msged few friends! And now booming tokyo and blogging!

*dun imagine how i look like, or you gonna love me!*

remember the slogan? JUST DO IT! lol and you'll know whether it's fun or not!

Ok done, see ya! lol

Thursday, December 18, 2008


At last, there’s a chain mail to side gay! If you get what I mean, most of the time, those chain mail’s favorite title would be – how to check if your boy friend is loyal to you, how to make your gal friend happy, what your girl friend wants, what you should give her on valentine, and the list goes on…

Today, after 13 years of knowing chain mail, at least there’s a mail titled – girls suppose to forgive guys in ten situates. Sorry, I’m not translating it into Chinese, because my English is already limited company, and Chinese is even smaller – sole proprietor! Lol

Thanks Man Ching for the forwarded mail~ lol


1 如果你喜欢他就告诉他,即使他拒绝了,也不会丢面子,因为在他心里,会因为你的真情而非常非常感激你。
2 如果他喜欢你,要明确告诉他你对他的感情,喜欢就是喜欢,不喜欢就是不喜欢,千万不要怕伤害他而忧郁不决,不要让他等到最后才受到抛弃,因为男孩子的心一旦碎了就很难很难再好起来。
3 男孩子也有自己的脾气,只是因为爱你而压抑着,不要总是任性,有时他们的决定也很有道理.
4 男孩子莫名的向你发脾气,那时因为爱你,把你当成最亲,最贴心,最有安全感的人,千万不要冲他发脾气反击,静静的等着,等他消气后满怀后悔来抱你。
5 他为你准备的东西,即使再难看,再廉价,也要去珍惜,因为那里面融汇着他整晚的思绪。
6 相信他给你多么多么美好的生活,要给他鼓励,因为鼓励会让他创造奇迹。
7 不要总是打探他去哪,告诉他注意安全,你会等着他就可以。
8 不要总说~我爱你~,他会半真半笑着说你烦,但不要不说,因为有时候,他们比女孩子更需要这句。
9 他为你掉眼泪了,那么他是真的非常爱你,珍惜他的每一滴泪,不要道歉,不要安慰,握着他的手,默默的为他擦去泪滴。
10 要信任他,他爱你,就什么都不会骗你,即使真的有欺骗,也是为让你们的爱情能够永远不离不弃。

PC fair~

I think I’m the laziest blogger on earth~ now only I’m going to blog about what has happened during PC Fair which took place at KLCC on last week. It’s when people talk about 911 incident, I’m still wondering how dotcom bubbles occurred~! WHAT A BIG LAGGARD!

Ok, here, I seriously wish to thanks to **L**! (sorry, cannot disclose who this person is) Without you, I couldn’t imagine I could have such a great chance to participate in the PC Fair. I wouldn’t have the chance to “EXPOSE” myself without your help! (The healthy kind of expose k~!) THANK YOU!!! I owe you, you know?! I’ll remember you, forever! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Ok, enough for the appreciation part! Ok, rather than a visitor, I’m now one of the exhibitor in the event! LOL~ what a great experience. Without very proper preparation, we simply erected our flag in the booth and on our business! LOL!

On the first day itself, our flyer didn’t get to complete on time! Luckily there were old flyers to substitute for the first few hours. =.= die! Imagine now you are the exhibitor who has nothing to show to your visitors~ …. Quite terrible huh! On the first day itself, I’ve spent more than 50 bucks on just toll and parking! Ya, I’ve used SMART tunnel for 4 times, KESAS 1 time, KLCC DARN EXPENSIVE PARKING 2 TIMES! Haiz what to do, “cost of enterprising” huh~

I want to thanks my friends as well, Alex of cause, then my girl friend Shan, then Alexis and Wendy for making the booth success! Jea Hao for Pictures! Raqib for attracting the public attention, Edward and GF, Edwin, Anthony and gay housemate, Sook Huey, Swee Chee, David, Kheng Ooi and Kok Yeah for passing by =) , Clive and Gaywayne for help up, Rue, Michelle Yap and Michelle Tee! Sorry if I’ve miss up anyone, you know, old man memory here~ please forgive~ ^^ but you all have seriously show me what is friendship! Really felt touched!!!! If you didn’t see it on my face, yes, I’ve hided it in my heart~ deep in my heart, I appreciate you all a lot a lot a lot!

My bro – Chris, you better be caution! I didn’t even your shadow to support me~ but ok la, cuz you are a good boy, need to take care of home~ you are forgived for the right reason. Next time must turn up ya!

I’m sorry, back to appreciation again… lol

What have I gained in this PC Fair? A LOT! Besides businesses and potential business opportunities, most importantly I’ve got to see our strengths and weaknesses, and the result that resulted from our action!

RM11,936.00 for KLCC parking =)

Thanks yipiyaya for the photo~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my colour

While busy with PC fair preparation,
I went and busy body other's blogs.

reading thru ming kee's blog
i saw this interesting post - random

so i did a test on myself and....

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How do I face “problems”?

First of all, I do not use the word PROBLEM! Using the word P-R-O-B-L-E-M simply creates more problem(s)! I prefer the word – challenge! Challenge simply sounds more exciting, encouraging, and positive as compared to PROBLEM~

Challenges or problems are so common among human being! It’s like the bad devil following you always and telling you to give up! Like ghost, challenges come in different forms, relationship challenges, friendship challenges, career challenges, time management challenges, stamina challenges and lots and lots and lots of challenges!

Recently these challenges do “challenge” me a lot! Sometime, I do weaken by them! Sometime I do become very emotional because of these challenges. But thanks to the people around me, my girlfriend, my family and my partners and my friends! They are very very supportive in a way! Their support has got me stand still and keep on fighting!

I’d love to relate business challenges to lover-relationship challenges, because they are about the same~ (quoted from successful business men!) Whenever you are uncertain of the future of your path, and thinking to give up, please think carefully and recall why you started the journey?! Did you planed to fail before head? How many people have told you that you are going to fail and you could never make it, but you continued! And that actually made you different; different from the others that do not carries the same thinking like you! Only if you had have planned to fail, then go ahead and enjoy the failure! Just like relationship, if you have planned to be short term, then bye bye.

Challenges of building a business is just like this quote “all love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.” We’ll need to build a solid foundation, for networking, knowledge, database and many many things!!!!

Ok, tired of bullshitting and expressing my challenges d, back to work ^^
Tell yourself you love challenge and you’ll have no problem!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What I do to spend my 6 hours~

Yes, this is wat I'm doing~!

My dear's flight was delayed, and the "smart" me somehow be on time to catch her flight.
and this actually tells me that I'm not suppose to be a punctual person.
The only time I became punctual and that's the time I got to wait 6 Hours! lol
What a good world!

but i enjoyed it~ cuz i "fan zin" kakkaa

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've never introduced what is - officially,
and i wonder if my friends here really take interest to know
what it is?

ok, so i'll put it here and hopefully you'll read thru, or else...
i'll be doubtful if you are my fren! lol

Inspired by the idea of pixel advertising, "two madness" - James and Alex without knowledge of HTML created to make RM2 million by sell two million pixel ads to the world with RM 1 or USD 0.30 per pixel! With minimum purchase of RM100, your website, blog, or even personal social networking site like facebook could reach out to millions of visitors online in the near further.

By putting more innovative ideas into pixel advertising, has definitely added more value to everyone! YES EVERYONE, the advertisers, the visitors and also of cause the founder ourselves and created a Win-Win-Win situation! Advertisers stand chances to win away our cash prizes of RM200,000 and visitors can also win away our frequent give away prizes. Besides, another RM200,000 will also be given away to two charity parties!

The advertisement is guaranteed to last at least for 3 years after the last pixel is sold out. However, we might want to make it online forever as long as we can afford the domain and the hosting fee, so you could really own a piece of history!

In just two weeks time, has already got more than 70,000 hits after it soft launch at 12 November 2008.

Our blog is up for "beta" - again,
so do take a look on it at
very soon, our content will be up! lol

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You must take a look on this! Would you buy this?

the hand
Place The Hand on your car, home or apartment window (suction cups included)  and let the world know how you're feeling!  Simply press one of the buttons on the wireless remote (with visor clip) and choose 1 or all 7 of the built-in hand gestures.

Using electroluminescent technology, combined with animation, The Hand will create a attention grabbing sensation wherever it is used!  Includes the ever popular: I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, The Bird, Loser , Power and Peace gestures.   Use at night for the best effect.

Measures:  9" tall x 6" wide.  Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) and 1 A23 remote battery (included)

Guys, i've found another innovative invention! and i found it so interesting! if i were to import this, do you think we can have it in malaysia? lol~!! and would you buy it? Please let me noe ya!^^ it's priced around USD40 for cost alone, reasonable?