Monday, November 17, 2008

My UNI memories

Darn! (what a bad word to start, but IT’S DARN DARM!)

When browsing thru friends’ blog, I bumped into Anthony Lim’s [DuHuKu’s E-FaŔM], and at the right bottom of his blog, there I found a terrible video!

This video reminded me my 3 awful year-end nights’ performances, ALL 3 YEARS! In the 1st year, instead of performing as prince or hero, I was to put on two oranges in front of my chest… Ya, oranges… in front of my chest, so you should know what kind of character I needed to act? No, you are wrong! Not just a girl, but a bitch! A bitch who was trying to tackle people’s boyfriend! Poor my bro, Chris was the “girl” that “her” boyfriend was tackled by me… HAHAHA! But in the end… I forgot whether I was dumped or run away after got a “better choice”! My pals, please remind me!

Then, 2nd year was a better one! Instead of solid oranges, I got a much softer replacement to be placed in front of the chest! Balloons was the replacement! …. But that year was better, because now I have more companies! Beside Chris, balloons were on almost everyone’s chest! WAKAKAKAK! Chris and me was the two stupid and ugly sisters of in this time, not-so-pretty punya “Cinderella” – Richard! I wonder if we have the video clip of that performance!

Final year! Reminded me when I was told by Jessica, “James a, I don’t care a, u better gao dim the performance!” Pity Jessica, being someone like the class rap, had to settle many things for the final year prom night, I also forced to accept the so called “mission”! Like always, I drag drag drag and drag, until dunno the few days before that night! Surprisingly, actually all our friends are all”義氣仔女”, sorry la, I couldn’t find the best word to describe the above Chinese term! By nearest meaning, it meant very loyal to friendship lor! Most of them give face and joined us to perform, even though knowing it gonna be something awful! Lol! Yeah, not disappointed, we were awful, but in just 2 days time, all of us were prepared to rock the stage! Kakaka, although not very professional, but we made it. REMEMBER, some of them have never perform nor be on stage before, and WE MADE IT!

Although IT WAS AWFUL, but really enjoyable! Great moment as well! lol


Anthony Lim said...

yo, it's my turn reading ur blog....those were the times where our memories locked in our minds.
Though we all grad, doesn't mean that its an end. In fact, it's just a new beginning in our journey.
Congrat for the successful of btw.
Don't forget tmr 10pm we gonna have a gathering at mali's yea :-)

churekie said...

lol~ really a good memory huh~~
miss our time man