Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Interesting Gadget – A sperm drive! has really made me mad! My brain recently is really filled with mad ideas of how to promote the site. Reading some mad sites is one of the best ways for me to get mad and crazy inspirations. 

While reading thru, this sperm drive made me spent some time thinking why such a simple gadget could excite me so much huh? It’s nothing more than just a normal pen drive with a sperm skin! Nothing special! Yet, it is much better than those penguin, cartoon, or twitty covers! 

Read full article regarding to this sperm drive here  

Sometime, normal item or idea could be extraordinary once we add on some innovative element inside. is exactly the same, we do not need complicated features, nor advance applications. Our idea is simple, Two Million Ads by Two Madness! It’s a 10% copied cat work and 90% value added site that possibly excites a small portion of internet population on this world!

Who knows one day will be giving out pen*s pendrive?! Lol Never knows ya!


Ning said...

*thumbs up* for TwoMads! alllll the best =] if TwoMads ended up distributing pendrv rmb to gimme one wheeeek =P

churekie said...

sure do~ we'll always know who has been supporting us de! kakaka... but if we are giving out fresh vege, hope you don't mind too! lol