Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pursuing for success is just like dating a girl!

Pursuing for success is just like dating a girl!

Not just once, but I was told many many MANY times by most of the successful people that pursuing success is nothing much different like dating a girl! First, you need to be passionate and totally obsessed by her, and then you shall be courage to get closer with her and take time to build up intimate relationship with her, date her, spending more time with her! Become the outstanding one and the different one from the others and make her notice you more than the others. Eventually she will prefer you better than the others! Finally be courage again to date her and propose to her!

Worst to worst, she might just say NO, and you lose nothing! Just go for the next one! There are plenty of opportunities out there for us to grab! (This is just an example, I’m very loyal to my girl friend!) But what if she says:”YES”! You see, every successful people telling me the same story. “Saying is easier than done” this is how most of the people replies, and from my understanding, that’s why most people fail! And this is what distinguishes a successful person from most of us. And this is why successful people are telling me the things that most people do not tell me.

Of cause it is not easy and only certain people could get what they want! Nothing comes easily! We might need to use a lot of effort and time to achieve something we dun even know if we could ever get. In the end, whether get it or not, we have tried our best and better than just saying:” I should have!” Ya~ ya~ ya~ I should have born in those arab royal blood if I should have!

Yesterday, joining the GEW event has prompted me a chance to meet with a lot of corporate figures, all of them were outstanding. However the one who got most of our (Alex and me) attention was Richard Azlan! He said the same thing to us and yesterday alone he had became a very good mentor to us. He taught us what to do in a function like yesterday! He is one of the best speakers I ever meet in my life.