Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm learning thru! is growing! We had an excellent result from after it’s officially soft launched for 3 days! In just 3 days time, the hits rate for has almost reaching 19,000! As time being, my blog... is only 1,270 hits for almost half of a year! sad.... (3 days old)

VS (almost 1/2 year!) T.T

I think this is quite good since we are not even properly spider-ed by google, or crawled by others search engine! Even Alexa has yet to rate us!

One of our advertisers, the association of backpacker Malaysia was so surprised that our website has brought him some businesses after our launch!

However, like raising up a baby, making happens is not something easy! As most of the business men said to us:”success doesn’t come easily, you’re definitely not successful yet if you have not suffered enough!” has given me a lot of chances to meet just anybody! The interesting part is, always, we got to meet SOMEBODY! These people are very successful and most of the time, they are the very good mentors to me. These people are ranging from one year older than me to my father’s age, and even to playboy’s founder – Hef’s age!

Spending an hour or more time chatting with them had really earned me a lot of priceless knowledge! Knowledge and information that so simple and most people has failed to notice and follow! They love to help and share their experience with us! From financial management, corporate stories, human resource management, sales experience, picking up girls to XXX topics!

They simply love to share!

Most of the time, these people share the identical characteristics, regardless how powerful and how wealthy they are, they are very humble and helpful! One uncle actually pointed out that the youngsters nowadays failed to implant these characteristics, and so they will definitely share the similar ending in their life – if they were to fall down, it’s unlikely or it’s very very difficult for them to stand out and keep on walking, let alone running!!

What I understand from them was - Nothing comes easily, if something comes too easy, be careful that the worse is always ahead! We must always be prepared to face the upcoming challenges, there is no such thing as you are always in the safe zone!