Saturday, December 27, 2008

TwoMAds, My Car, My Birthday, Place to Eat and Take Care

What a lame title huh?
but best summary ever! lol will evolve into something more advance in the near future! Yeah, I’m wishing that can really make an evolution for pixel advertising. For the past two months, I am really glad to have you all to support me. Alex and me are very hardworking on working out the “evolution” d! Hopefully you’ll keep on support us and dun leave us floating nowhere on the Atlantic Ocean!

If you know me well, I think you should know I’m a 4-wheeled machine addict! Yes, I LOVE car. My dream car list could cost me up to tens of millions ringgit I guest! Let’s try with and few ya, Murcielago LP640 Roadster is my all-time-favorite, Ferrari F430, Maserati GranTurismo, McLaren F1, Bugatti Veyron, SkyLine R35 and so on, so on, so on and so on… Sounds unrealistic huh? But tat’s my dream, dream comes in no cost, you could dream of becoming the main actor for next Harry Potter, it’s just a dream ^^

Heard of law of attraction? I tried to apply the thoughts materializing theory by drove off my “current” and met my “future”! Yeah, I drove my cool-truck into my favorite’s showroom! And poor me, the matchmaker (salesman) was either didn’t see me or just ignored me! But who cares?! I just had few minutes of good time to take picture with my “future” lol!

Ps: if you are the owner of this car, sorry, I didn’t intend to steal it! And you know very well no one dare to steal your car! Just materializing! If you don’t mind, gimme a ride! I wanna materialize more! And in return, I’ll “return” your ride with my Veyron (in the future? Or now I have a hotwheel)! Lol!

Besides, there’s a good place to recommend to all my buddies for meals. SUBANG is a well known place of sucks food, don’t you agree? YEAHHHHH!!! If you disagree, please lemme noe if there’s a better food than KFC AND McD! Finally, there’s restaurant serving 5 stars food and 1 star price. Which is… Thai Tong… Ooppsss! Ofcuz not, nah~~ never will! Please visit 3K sport complex! There’s a new restaurant which serves really good food! SHAUN! You must try this out! YOU GONNA LIKE IT! I’m promoting it because I know the owner =.= lol, but this is the world wat?! TwoMAds booth in KLCC had over 15 helpers because they knew us! Thanks to all our friends! Lol! Seriously the quality of food is… unexplainable!

I’m sorry, didn’t take the picture of the restaurant! Lol

Their tom yam is good good good;

Mutton rice is good good good;

Rojak is good good good;

The good good good list goes on

And owner is good good good also!

(Jimmy and Soo, if you were to see this, please give me more discount when I visit your restaurant ok!? lol)

Bout my birthday! Seriously thanks to my bro, Alex. Nice food, nice placesss, nice entertainment, and nice plan! Lol It was enjoyable and everyone seemed “fulfilled”. Check my facebook photo for our madness! Lol! Thanks Sook Huay for the camera and uploading the photos! You guys ROCK!

There are two movies you shouldn’t miss in year 2008 – YES MAN and IP MAN~ Both man are great man! ^^

I'm not a good writer, dun wanna spoit the story as well, just ask around and see if both are worthly to spend your day in cinema!

In the end, please take good care of yourself! EVERYONE PLEASE! There’re getting more and more sick people nowadays, and I’m becoming one, so please, take WATER!


Shaun said...

Eh James, how dare you condemn Subang food....... it's not like Cameron has any nice food also =P

Btw, you praised so much about the 3K restaurant but didn't tell the name of the shop... potong stim la...

churekie said...

Cameron got nice food! my mum restaurant - golden win restaurant! lol

nice steamboat + asam fish!

and there's only 1 restaurant in 3k, u'll sure c it one, nvm, i'll post the pic of it...
the name a... i think is sg restaurant or wat~ lol

u can see a big kepala ikan one~!
when you back tell me, we go tgt, raqib can join also, is halal one! ^^