Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How do I face “problems”?

First of all, I do not use the word PROBLEM! Using the word P-R-O-B-L-E-M simply creates more problem(s)! I prefer the word – challenge! Challenge simply sounds more exciting, encouraging, and positive as compared to PROBLEM~

Challenges or problems are so common among human being! It’s like the bad devil following you always and telling you to give up! Like ghost, challenges come in different forms, relationship challenges, friendship challenges, career challenges, time management challenges, stamina challenges and lots and lots and lots of challenges!

Recently these challenges do “challenge” me a lot! Sometime, I do weaken by them! Sometime I do become very emotional because of these challenges. But thanks to the people around me, my girlfriend, my family and my partners and my friends! They are very very supportive in a way! Their support has got me stand still and keep on fighting!

I’d love to relate business challenges to lover-relationship challenges, because they are about the same~ (quoted from successful business men!) Whenever you are uncertain of the future of your path, and thinking to give up, please think carefully and recall why you started the journey?! Did you planed to fail before head? How many people have told you that you are going to fail and you could never make it, but you continued! And that actually made you different; different from the others that do not carries the same thinking like you! Only if you had have planned to fail, then go ahead and enjoy the failure! Just like relationship, if you have planned to be short term, then bye bye.

Challenges of building a business is just like this quote “all love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.” We’ll need to build a solid foundation, for networking, knowledge, database and many many things!!!!

Ok, tired of bullshitting and expressing my challenges d, back to work ^^
Tell yourself you love challenge and you’ll have no problem!