Saturday, December 20, 2008

My new phone!


DEng deng deng deng~~ My new phone is

Not a vertu! Lol~
After so many months of kidnapping my gf’s handphone – Panasonic and then Sony Ericson, I’ve finally feel shame of being a “soft rice boy” kakaka! Thank you my dear for borrowing me the phones for so loooooooong!

I’ve wanted this babe since its first announce, somewhere in July, but gosh… I was stunned when I saw Shaun’s post – “update” on Friday August 1. He actually got this phone! ……………

But I was really happy and whenever I met shaun, will sure kidnap and harass the phone a bit. Although Shaun was the official owner of the phone, but I could felt the phone desperately wanted my love!

After almost 3 months, the wish was granted on her sister~ lol yeah! I finally have my own phone after N70!

Felt excited and sent few stupid msg to my frens, and most of them replied :p
only my bro - Christ didn't reply, no heart puny celaka, then anthony replied something no related =.=

And blogged in the toilet with pooping~ Kakakaaaa

wt fake smile >.<

Bout the phone, haiz.... dissapointed with the camera.. but knew it d, cuz read in GSMarena. But really terrible.

Was thinking whether to buy N79 or this one, in the end, i'm loyal to e71, wat a good boy~


Shaun said...

Wahahahah!!!! Hello my E71 brother!!
Told you it's damn good right!! Let's spread the love and convince more people to get it and start a club! Py is a very potential buyer!

But I think you should have gotten Vertu! So that I can exchange with you.. or at least molest it! Lol!!

P.s. Faster go install Garmin GPS!!

churekie said...

Thx for the info bro... but the Garmin GPS i dun really know how to get yet!

Will ask from you soon~! lol

Vertu - status but useless~ agree? lol. u noe i low profile won go for tat wat~ kakaka