Thursday, December 18, 2008

PC fair~

I think I’m the laziest blogger on earth~ now only I’m going to blog about what has happened during PC Fair which took place at KLCC on last week. It’s when people talk about 911 incident, I’m still wondering how dotcom bubbles occurred~! WHAT A BIG LAGGARD!

Ok, here, I seriously wish to thanks to **L**! (sorry, cannot disclose who this person is) Without you, I couldn’t imagine I could have such a great chance to participate in the PC Fair. I wouldn’t have the chance to “EXPOSE” myself without your help! (The healthy kind of expose k~!) THANK YOU!!! I owe you, you know?! I’ll remember you, forever! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Ok, enough for the appreciation part! Ok, rather than a visitor, I’m now one of the exhibitor in the event! LOL~ what a great experience. Without very proper preparation, we simply erected our flag in the booth and on our business! LOL!

On the first day itself, our flyer didn’t get to complete on time! Luckily there were old flyers to substitute for the first few hours. =.= die! Imagine now you are the exhibitor who has nothing to show to your visitors~ …. Quite terrible huh! On the first day itself, I’ve spent more than 50 bucks on just toll and parking! Ya, I’ve used SMART tunnel for 4 times, KESAS 1 time, KLCC DARN EXPENSIVE PARKING 2 TIMES! Haiz what to do, “cost of enterprising” huh~

I want to thanks my friends as well, Alex of cause, then my girl friend Shan, then Alexis and Wendy for making the booth success! Jea Hao for Pictures! Raqib for attracting the public attention, Edward and GF, Edwin, Anthony and gay housemate, Sook Huey, Swee Chee, David, Kheng Ooi and Kok Yeah for passing by =) , Clive and Gaywayne for help up, Rue, Michelle Yap and Michelle Tee! Sorry if I’ve miss up anyone, you know, old man memory here~ please forgive~ ^^ but you all have seriously show me what is friendship! Really felt touched!!!! If you didn’t see it on my face, yes, I’ve hided it in my heart~ deep in my heart, I appreciate you all a lot a lot a lot!

My bro – Chris, you better be caution! I didn’t even your shadow to support me~ but ok la, cuz you are a good boy, need to take care of home~ you are forgived for the right reason. Next time must turn up ya!

I’m sorry, back to appreciation again… lol

What have I gained in this PC Fair? A LOT! Besides businesses and potential business opportunities, most importantly I’ve got to see our strengths and weaknesses, and the result that resulted from our action!

RM11,936.00 for KLCC parking =)

Thanks yipiyaya for the photo~


dainty dresser said...

edward's GF got no name ah? =P
or cannot write meihui and BF ah? lol.

churekie said...

haiz... same same one la, now edward's gf - mei hui, mei hui's bf - edward.

just like batman's partner is robin,
robin's partner is batman.

no different one, ppl will sure know de. Kakakakaka!!!