Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've never introduced what is - officially,
and i wonder if my friends here really take interest to know
what it is?

ok, so i'll put it here and hopefully you'll read thru, or else...
i'll be doubtful if you are my fren! lol

Inspired by the idea of pixel advertising, "two madness" - James and Alex without knowledge of HTML created to make RM2 million by sell two million pixel ads to the world with RM 1 or USD 0.30 per pixel! With minimum purchase of RM100, your website, blog, or even personal social networking site like facebook could reach out to millions of visitors online in the near further.

By putting more innovative ideas into pixel advertising, has definitely added more value to everyone! YES EVERYONE, the advertisers, the visitors and also of cause the founder ourselves and created a Win-Win-Win situation! Advertisers stand chances to win away our cash prizes of RM200,000 and visitors can also win away our frequent give away prizes. Besides, another RM200,000 will also be given away to two charity parties!

The advertisement is guaranteed to last at least for 3 years after the last pixel is sold out. However, we might want to make it online forever as long as we can afford the domain and the hosting fee, so you could really own a piece of history!

In just two weeks time, has already got more than 70,000 hits after it soft launch at 12 November 2008.

Our blog is up for "beta" - again,
so do take a look on it at
very soon, our content will be up! lol